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What is “Osaka Entertainment City Vision”?

Osaka Minami centered on the world’s oldest theater district “Dotonbori”, where coexist and co-prosper with entertainments and restaurant businesses, have been developed as a town crowded with people. In old Osaka Minami, for example, playhouses performed Kabuki and Bunraku, clubs with live music and Jazz, entertainment halls performed comedy, movie theaters and so on, so many entertainment facilities were located. Osaka Minami is still crowded with many domestic visitors and foreign tourists. But now, there are a few opportunities for them to enjoy entertainment performances. The aim of Osaka Entertainment City Vision is to promote colorful entertainments in Osaka Minami and to expand its impact to neighboring areas for creating a new Osaka Entertainment City.

Facing the future of post Osaka Kansai Expo 2025, Osaka Minami is now changing dynamically. There is a strategy called as “Greater Minami City Concept”, which plans to expand existing Osaka Minami to Greater Minami City area, including Uehonmachi in the east, Shin-sekai and Shin-Imamiya in the south, Tennoji and Abeno in the southeast. Keeping this concept in our minds, Osaka Entertainment City Vision is planning to develop our activities with three goals. Our first goal is, promoting various entertainments from traditional performing arts in the theater to street performances in public spaces, to change Osaka to a new Osaka Entertainment City. For promoting our vision, we are planning to build a soft network of entertainment businesses and to create an open information platform of entertainments mainly for visitors and tourist staying in Osaka. Secondly, calling for restaurants, shopping streets and department stores to join our information platform, we will encourage the positive growth cycle with entertainments and the other service businesses. Finally, learning from pilot programs at Mido-suji and Namba Station Hiroba, we are trying to utilize open spaces for attracting people and to improve mobility in Greater Minami City.

Our brothers and sisters, please come to Osaka and enjoy our entertainments. We are looking forward to your coming, thank you.