Dotonbori Museum Namikiza

In fact, Dotonbori is a "theater city" with a history of 400 years.
Masterpieces of Bunraku and Kabuki were created here, and have influenced theater productions around the world.
"Dotonbori Museum Namikiza" was opened in 2019 and is a museum that theatrically conveys the "Theater City Dotonbori" to many customers not only from Osaka but also from Japan and abroad.
Time travel to a playhouse from the Edo period! You can learn about history while having fun experiences such as a conversation between Bunshichi and Tadano Kitsunebu, quizzes, a Kabuki transformation experience, and a revolving stage experience.

Additionally, Namikiza is a live venue close to the performers.
Apart from being a museum that conveys history in a theatrical manner, we are also working to revitalize the entertainment district as a live venue that is close to the performers.
We have held rakugo, storytelling, JAZZ, joruri, Tsugaru Shamisen, Japanese musical instrument rock, tatami room live performances, guitar playing, mini kabuki, lectures, haunted houses, etc.
The venue capacity is 36 people. It also supports ZOOM distribution.
There are plenty of features such as a surrounding stage, a flower path, and characters appearing from underground.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a hut modeled after an Edo period playhouse.

1-1-6 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka Y's Pier Dotonbori Namikiza Building 1F, 542-0077
Contact Information
3 minutes walk from Nihonbashi
7 minutes on foot from Namba